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Does Velotric offer free shipping?

Velotric ships free to every state in the continental United Sates.  They do not ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

What is the Velotric return policy?

Electric bikes may be returned within fourteen days of delivery.

Unused bikes will incur a $200 restocking fee, while 20% of the total order amount will be deducted for used bikes. The ebike must be returned in its original packaging and in the same condition as received, with all accessories included and without any signs of wear or damage. Prior authorization and a prepaid shipping label from Velopower, Inc. are required. Warranty issues should be resolved before returning the bike.

Does Velotric offer service and bike maintenance?

Velotric bikes are built to function and look like a regular bicycle. The majority of bike shops can assist you with routine maintenance and simple repairs on all bicycle parts, including gears, brakes, tires, chains, etc. Please utilize Velotric’s support center page if you have any electrical component-related problems.

Can you rent or test drive a Velotric bike?

Their are multiple dealers across the country where you can test-drive a Velotric Ebike. Input your zip code into the search fields here to locate the nearest Velotric dealer. 

How do I contact Velotric?

Make a request by going to the Velotric Bike contact page. You can reach the support team by phone at +1 888-559-3099. They offer client service every weekday beginning at 7 a.m. and until 6 p.m (PST). 

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About Velotric Bike

Since Velotric was founded in 2022, they’ve raised $12 million in funding by focusing on affordable ebikes under $2,000. Velotric founder, Adam Zhang, is also a co-founder of Lime, the e-scooter company. What sets Velotric apart from other ebike startups is the incredible team they have been able to assemble at its earliest stages of development. Zhang’s founding team includes key executives from Lime’s hardware division as well as senior engineers and designers from cycling brands, Specialized and Giant.

Another area where Velotric stands out from its competitors is its ability to control much of the manufacturing process through existing supply chain and manufacturing connections. This allows the company to have a faster turnaround time for shipping ebikes than other less established brands. Velotric’s mission is to make premium ebikes at an affordable price and a stronger emphasis on eye-catching designs. The company currently offers two ebikes, the Nomad and the Discover, and has recently added, a third, the Thunder to its lineup.

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